iCademy Global is a K-12, online school in Michigan.

Michigan Based
iCademy Global is a K-12, online school in Michigan. As an online school in Michigan, we offer a blended-learning environment to all students across the state. We are the third state approved and only non-profit online school in Michigan.

Don’t be fooled by the online nature of our school though. One of the very things that makes iCademy Global unique is the choice of online or blended (both online and bricks and mortar) learning.

In fact, our first Learning Café is located in Zeeland at the Homestead Street campus, the same place that houses Innocademy and the iCademy Global offices. The Learning Café gives students a choice of learning with others online, or joining staff and peers in-person – in a community of other like-minded students and families. The choice is yours.

You’ll soon discover that choice is one of iCademy Global’s hallmarks: choice of curriculum, choice of schedule, choice of online or blended learning and much more. The end result is flexibility and an education custom fit to each child’s needs.