Hello iCademy Global families.  We are launching our Blog to help keep communication flowing between school and our families.   The Blog will be updated over the weekend and you will receive a notice in your e-mail once it’s been updated.  There are four sections to the blog: Stuff for everyone, K-4 students, 5-8 students and 9-12 students.  

Stuff for everyone

MEAP Reminder No blended learning this week (October 14-October 18). The Learning Cafe is open normal hours.

Monday, October 14th … normal schedule
Tuesday, October 15th … only those taking MEAP
Wednesday, October 16th … those taking MEAP, AM Blended Learning
Thursday, October 17th … normal schedule
Friday, October 18th … make-up MEAP day

Testing begins at 9:00 and wraps up around 11:00 depending on the individual learner.  Thanks for helping to make MEAP’s successful for our school!

 Connecting Committee – Do you love to get people together?  Are you great at hosting?  This committee needs a parent volunteer to help create opportunities for our families to connect. Some ideas that have been mentioned are an ice cream social, morning coffee, and a bowling night.  If you are interested in providing leadership for this committee please contact Ms. Deedee at deedee.defrell@icademyglobal.org

Fine Arts Studio – Ms. Art Rocks is busy creating a variety of fabulous art workshops for our students in our Fine Arts Studio located on the upper floor of the Homestead Campus. Classes will begin in November so be looking for updates!

BitterSweet Ski Resort is again offering discount passes to students and their families.  Passes are only $15 for the season and provide you with card holder only discounts on lift tickets and ski/snowboard rental.  Please download the attached documents and print them.  Return completed documents along with a check made payable to BitterSweet to Ms. Holly.  Forms are due by November 8!


We are hoping to utilize this sweet deal from BitterSweet as a school and wanted parent feedback on the best way to do this.  Please follow the link to our survey and let us know your thoughts.  If you can not follow the link please  paste the link into your web browser. Thanks!


Enrichment Activities:  Ms. Jacquelyn is our Enrichment Coordinator for the Homestead Campus.  Please follow the links below to learn all about the really cool classes she has put together for our students in November.  Notice one link if BEFORE school and the other is AFTER school.

Before-school Enrichment Link
After-school Enrichment Link
Do you have something you are passionate about and want to share with our students and families?  Photography, cooking, knitting, wood work, farming, anything!…..Please contact Mr. Andy and let him know! andy.meredith@icademyglobal.org

K-4 Learners

Suzuki violin lessons will be offered to Precademy, Innocademy and iCademy Global students between the ages of 4 and 9.  Developed in Japan in the early 20th century, Shinichi Suzuki believed that, just as all children learn to speak their native language, all children have the capacity to develop ability in other disciplines, like the violin.  In order to do this, the right environment needs to be established that includes a strong parent presence, regular listening to a recording, and a well trained teacher.  

If you are interested in learning more about the Suzuki method and how it will be implemented at the Homestead Campus, please email your name, your child’s name (and age), your email and phone number to Katie Bast:

There will also be an information session on October 15 at 7:00pm.  The session is geared for adults, but children are welcome.

 Boy Scouts is being offered for our 1st-5th grade boys.  Please contact Jacquelyn McNaughton for more information.  She can be reached at: j.mcnaughton@yahoo.com


5-8 Learners

 Boy Scouts is being offered for our 1st-5th grade boys.  Please contact Jacquelyn McNaughton for more information.  She can be reached at:  j.mcnaughton@yahoo.com

9-12 Learners

Cranes Apple Orchard – Our 9-12 graders will be having a field trip on October 25. Students will be  leaving from school at 1:30 arriving back at 4:00.  Please let Mr. Andy know if you’re attending so he can arrange the car pool.  Cost is $7 for corn maze and bring additional $ if you wish to purchase cider and donuts.  Visit Crane’s website for more info.http://craneorchards.com/

 Coffee Shop – Are you interested in helping our high school students grow and develop their own small business?  We hope to open a coffee shop at Homestead Campus to light up our students entrepreneurial spirits. Please contact Paul VanderKuyl at:  paul.vanderkuyl@innotecgroup.com

Year Book – Do you have experience in journalism, photography or just a willing heart?  Contact Ms. Amy B if you are interested in helping to create our first year book. You can reach Ms. Amy at: amy.baragar@icademyglobal.org

Prom Committee – Remember the sparkle, the lights, the dresses, the tuxes?  We are looking for a few good men and women to make iCademy Global’s first prom an amazing experience.  Contact Ms. Holly to help plan this fun event.  She can be reached at: holly.cravino@icademyglobal.org

Youth in Government– This program provides an amazing opportunity for our students to know what our legislator’s are doing on a daily basis.  Students will experience what it’s like to write bills, sit in session and debate, pass or veto a bill all from the floor of the house and senate at the capital in Lansing.  If you are interested in helping please contact Mr. Tyler at: tyler.huizenga@icademyglobal.org