Figuring out how to be an on-line learner is a new experience for most of our families.  And not always an easy one. If we’re being honest many of you have asked yourselves the question, “What did we get ourselves into?”As with anything new it takes time, patience and diligence.  We are here to come alongside and support you.  Not only as a staff, but also family to family. It is our hope at iCademy Global to not only provide a stellar education for your students, but to also provide an educational family as well.

How do we do this?  Well, we need to become community.  An on-line, blended learning, just right grouping, PBL, awesome, fabulous community.  We need to share both our successes and failures.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  So we can learn and grow and become better.  Support one another and encourage each other along the way.

We though it might help to connect our school if some of our families shared their stories. Some of our parents have graciously offered to share what their experience has been like with iCademy Global thus far. We hope by sharing our family and staff stories that we can feel connected to each other.  Realize no one is alone and that we are all here working to make iCademy Global the best  learning experience out there.

We KNOW this isn’t possible without all of our wonderful families.  Thank you for taking this ride with us. We are honored you would choose to include us in your family to help teach and grow your children. The testimonial below is from Katherine Baas. If you’d like to share your story please e-mail it to Ms. Amy at

Our family has always home schooled, and we love that we’ve had the flexibility to make big pancake breakfasts in the morning, snuggle on the couch for read- aloud stories, schedule errands, appointments, or family vacations at our convenience.  But as the kids got older, and family dynamics changed, I began to wonder if I would be able to keep up with the academic demands of two middle school students and a second grader. If school were a Pinterest project our family would be top at the of the class! To be honest, the algebra, chemistry, biology, and physics looming in the near future were causing me some concern.  

We had heard of iCademy from a friend who had enrolled her daughter in an online school years earlier and decided to give it a try for this year.  I am so excited to say we have been beyond pleased! The standard of the online learning is amazing.  I am constantly reminding my kids that our 6th grade textbook didn’t have interactive graphs or videos about Mesopotamia!  We did struggle at first learning the layout of three different online schools and adjusting to more ” seat time” than our family was used to.

 A huge benefit of iCademy for my older kids is the blended learning time on iCademys campus.  Being around peers is important at this age, so they get to go Tuesdays and Thursdays and I still get them home with me the rest of the week. It’s a good balance.  We even took our son to Haiti on a missions trip and he was able to keep up with his schoolwork. The teachers and staff have been very helpful from the littlest question, to meeting me after school hours to help with computer technical issues, and my kids love their learning coaches! iCademy has been a great experience so far for our family. We’ve been able to get support and a great education as our kids continue to learn. And we can keep the flexibility of our home school schedule that we enjoy.

~Katherine Baas~