You’ll likely hear more about this in the days to come, but we’ve just announced the addition of Premium Electives available to middle and high school students at iCademy Global. The Premium Electives are administered through partners with on-campus “studio” space at the Zeeland Homestead Campus.

“We are connecting with some of Michigan’s most innovative thinkers,” says iCademy Global leader, Paul VanderKuyl. “Our Premium Electives will provide students with hands-on experiences that connect with their passions. All the while they’ll be developing a variety of real-world skills they’ll need no matter what professional path they follow.”

Though we are having conversations with other possible partners, at this time there are three Premium Electives that are launching with the start of the school year:

  1. Coding/Gaming. Curriculum developed and taught by Protégé Game Studios is a video game development studio that trains and develops the next generation of video game designers and creators across a broad range of computer technology skills.
  1. Engineering and Design. Curriculum developed and taught through Zipper Labs. Zipper Labs was founded to provide an experience offering students the tools, equipment, and resources to develop meaningful projects in and for their community. This hands-on curriculum is rooted in design thinking and engineering principles.
  1. Textiles/Sewing. Curriculum developed and taught by upSewn Kids & Studio. Far more than a sewing class, the curriculum provides students with the knowledge of how the variety of fibers and materials behave in context of being manipulated. This course will bring out the creativity in your child as they learn to master the sewing machine and making some of their own designs.

In addition to developing hands-on, real life skills, the Premium Electives help students develop many other skills such as match, spatial reasoning, teamwork, and much more. Students will spend four hours each week in these courses: two in the studio during school, and two at home.

You can find more information about the Premium Electives on the website, including course descriptions.

If you are interested in registering for one of the Premium Electives, please let your learning coach know during your orientation!