Mark Your Calendars, Please! – BOLD are NEW items

  • April 19th 20th & 27th – 5th graders to take M-STEP Test
  • April 24th-28th – 11th Graders to take M-STEP test
  • April 27th – iCademy Parent Meeting – Virtual Meeting @ 6:30pm
  • April 27th – Sex, Drugs and Technology – Virtual Meeting @ 7:00pm – PLEASE NOTE TIME CHANGE
  • May 3rd and 4th– 3rd/4th graders to take M-STEP Test
  • May 9th, 10th and 11th – 6th graders to take M-STEP Test
  • May 10th and Thursday, May 11th – Campus Closed at 12pm – Tulip Time
  • Thursday, May 11th – 4th graders to take M-STEP Test
  • Tuesday, May 16th – Thursday, May 25th – Capstone Trip to Dublin, London & Paris!
  • May 16th, 17th & 18th – 7th graders to take the M-STEP Test
  • June 2nd – All SENIORS must have all coursework submitted by 11:59pm
  • Monday, June 5th – iCademy Graduation
  • Thursday, June 15th – End of Semester. ALL ASSIGNMENTS DUE AT 11:59PM (MIDNIGHT).
  • December 8th & 9th – Fair Trade Mini Market


“Sex, Drugs and Technology” – Virtual Meeting – April 27th @ 7:00PM.

This workshop will feature Stephanie Vanderkooi, Prevention Coordinator at Lakeshore Regional Entity, and Heather Alberda, AASECT Certified Sexual Health Educator for the Ottawa County Health Department, talking about current and emerging trends in alcohol and drug use and sexual health among teens. Parents will learn researched based information to be able to have effective and informed conversations with their youth about drugs, sexual health and technology. The meeting will be held immediately after our iCademy Global Parent Meeting that begins at 6:30pm. We are using the same link for both meetings =). Easy!


Annual Report

iCademy Global’s Annual Report is available on our website. You can find it HERE

OLD INFO (In case you haven’t seen it, yet)…

April Lunch Menu


Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 11.50.36 AM

IMPORTANT: Morning Drop Off 

In order to keep drop off moving smoothly, a reminder that students should be ready to exit your car with all of their gear when you stop.  A good rule of thumb is if you need to unbuckle yourself to unload your student(s) and organize his/her gear or do anything else other than wave goodbye, please choose a parking spot in the lot or visitor parking area next to the building rather than sitting in the drop off zone.

Parking Lot Safety Reminder – Please KEEP LEFT

Just a reminder that, when entering and exiting the parking lot on the West (McDonald’s side of the building, all cars should follow the posted signs and KEEP LEFT at all times during the day, night and weekends. Thank you for helping keep our traffic flow moving in the right direction an ensuring the safety of our students, staff and families.

Having Tech Troubles? 

If you are having issues with your computer and need technical assistance, Mr. Kevin, our offsite tech team lead, has said the smoothest way to get solutions in place would be to call 616-502-2572 or 866-629-8005.

Mandatory Testing Dates at iCademy

Please mark your calendars for the following dates. icademy-assessment-calendar-2017


Fundraising Note From Our International Team – Sign Up, Now To Participate and Earn Funds!

We are going to be offering a bake sale to 3rd  – 8th grade students as another opportunity to earn money toward student field trip accounts!  Families with more than one student may sign each student up for their own week.  You will be able to sell baked goods in the RE:FUEL coffee shop for the entire week you are signed up!

Also, please see the attached document for our year-long student fundraising plan.


Thank you,

International Team