Mark Your Calendars, Please! NEW items in BOLD=)

  • August 25 – September 4th – iCademy Break Week – No School
  • September 5th – School Resumes
  • September 7th – K-5 First On Campus Day
  • September 7th – iCademy Synergy Session at the Whitecaps! EVERYONE invited!
  • September 12th – Picture Retake Day – 2pm
  • October 4th – State of Michigan Count Day – Look for details, soon!
  • October 13-22 – iCademy Break Week – No School
  • October 23 – School Resumes

NEW Info For This Week!

IMPORTANT REMINDER: We are a Completely NUT FREE Campus.

Sadly, we had a student have a serious reaction to a nut exposure last week. Please remember that we are a completely nut free campus. All nuts.

We know many students pack their own lunches and snacks and it’s easy for some things to slip by. Please talk with your students, share with them how to read labels for allergy information and, if they have an allergy, please encourage them to eat only the food that they brought to school.

In an effort to help, we’ve listed below some examples of tree nuts. Please avoid bringing foods that are, or contain, these ingredients.

  • Almond
  • Artificial nuts
  • Brazil nut
  • Beechnut
  • Butternut
  • Cashew
  • Chestnut
  • Chinquapin nut
  • Coconut
  • Filbert/hazelnut
  • Gianduja (a chocolate-nut mixture)
  • Ginkgo nut
  • Hickory nut
  • Litchi/lichee/lychee nut
  • Macadamia nut
  • Marzipan/almond paste
  • Nangai nut
  • Natural nut extract (e.g., almond, walnut)
  • Nut butters (e.g., cashew butter, nutella)
  • Nut meal
  • Nut meat
  • Nut milk (e.g., almond milk, cashew milk)
  • Nut paste (e.g., almond paste)
  • Nut pieces
  • Pecan
  • Pesto
  • Pili nut
  • Pine nut (also referred to as Indian, pignoli, pigñolia, pignon, piñon, and pinyon nut)
  • Pistachio
  • Praline
  • Shea nut
  • Walnut

Tree nuts are sometimes found in the following:

  • Black walnut hull extract (flavoring)
  • Natural nut extract
  • Nut distillates/alcoholic extracts
  • Nut oils (e.g., walnut oil, almond oil)
  • Walnut hull extract (flavoring)

Thanks for your help in keeping all of our students safe and healthy.

Virtual Office Links!

Middle School Virtual Office Information:

UserName: MSvirtualoffice    Password: #iCademy09

High School Virtual Office Information:

UserName: HSvirtualoffice    Password: #iCademy09

Let’s Do Kids’ Yoga to Support a Great Local Charity!

Kids’ Food Basket and Sing Song Yoga are partnering together to offer this fun event and Homestead Campus is willing to host! We hope your family can join us!

When: Thursday, September 14, 3:45 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.


  • Family Yoga (all ages welcome) 
  • Kids’ Food Basket Brown Bag Decorating (with brief intro from KFB’s Holland Development Specialist, Kim Magoon) 

Where: Homestead Campus


  • raise money for KFB through donations from participants at the event 
  • decorate brown bags to send a little love from one child to another
  • raise awareness of the work KFB does for families throughout West Michigan

Who: Public welcome. All ages. Parents need to remain with their children throughout the event.

Cost: Suggested donation of $5/person or $15/family

Together, let’s support children nutritionally, physically and emotionally.

Sing Song Yoga® is a kids’ musical yoga program in which song lyrics instruct children how to get into the poses. Their iOS App, DVD and local classes make it easy for families to enjoy yoga with their kids. 

Picture Retake Day – September 12th .- 2pm

If your student did not have his/her photo taken at orientation on August 3rd, we are offering picture retakes on September 12th at 2pm. Please find the picture pricing information, below:

Note From Ms. Holly

It has been such a joy to work at iCademy for the last four years.  I have been blessed to meet so many wonderful students, parents and staff and It has been a privilege to be a mentor and counselor to so many awesome kids.  To see so much growth over the years has been amazing.  And because of these wonderful things, it is hard to say good-bye.  I am moving on to a new counseling position.  It is a great opportunity that is a perfect fit for my personality and my family needs.  I have had so much fun working with you all and I wish you the best in all that lies ahead for you.  I am cheering you on!

OLD Info…In Case You Missed It =)

Everyone, Please Read – Free/Reduced Lunch Applications. 

Each year iCademy Global receives additional funding based on our family population that may qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch. Seems funny for an online school, I know, but it’s the truth! This additional funding works out to be a HUGE budget line item for us. 

We are in danger of foregoing some funding this year simply because we have fewer families that have filled out the application. EEEK!! 

We need your help! Even if you think you won’t qualify, or your kiddos might never even take hot lunch, PLEASE take a moment and fill out the CONFIDENTIAL online form.  Every little bit helps our schools!   Just go to….search for our school through Holland Christian (they are our hot lunch provider).

You will be notified if you qualify and you can then decide if you would like to participate if/when your students are ever on campus.

Thank you, in advance, for your help in securing extra funding for our students and programs.

Live Lessons and V.O.s – Middle School

We had a great week with both of these amazing learning tools. We know that participation and use will increase as we continue learning together this week! Please remember to look at your live lesson schedule and head to Ms. Mel’s live lesson room for the VOs. We will have a separate V.O. room coming soon, but for now use Ms. Mel’s.

Mr. Andy teaching a Middle School Science Live Lesson last week.

Synergy Session – iCademy Whitecaps Game – 9/7

Come join the fun with other iCademy Families and staff at the Whitecaps Game on Thursday, September 7th @ 7pm! Everyone is invited! Tickets are $11.50 each (children 2 and under are FREE). Please fill out the form here, to place your order and select a method of payment. iCademy Whitecaps Night Order Form You may pick up your tickets at Homestead Campus the day of the game or collect them at the iCademy Table that will be set up outside the gate beginning at 6:15pm. We look forward to seeing you on the 7th!

Setting Up Your Home Learning Space?

We know that one of the things that helps students find success at iCademy is to have a designated learning space at home. Their bed may be a comfy spot to hang out, but probably not the most ideal place to do their best learning. =) Ms. Mel has been putting together a Pinterest board with some ideas about how to set up a learning space for all ages. You can find the board, here:

Earn $$ For Trips – Sign Up For Scrip!

To being, please check out the information at, you should then be able to create an account with our organization ID. Please email Leisa at for the code.

There is tons of info – – and even an app where you can do some cool instant scrip earning while shopping and eating out!

Once you have filled out the information, please also email Ms. Jody at so that she can help you with a plan to receive your gift cards….sending them home with your student or picking them up on campus each time.

Middle School Sports at iCademy This Fall!

We are so excited to be partnering with Innocademy to participate in organized sports! This fall we are offering boys soccer, girls volley ball, non-competitive cheer and boys and girls cross country running. If anyone is interested in participating in a sport you will need to have a physical and a few consent forms completed. Mr. Andy can answer any questions you have! The cost is $60.00 for the season and this covers the cost of officials, space and uniforms. Let him know if you are interested at .

Does Your Student Enjoy Golf? Read On!

Greetings from The First Tee!  

We are very excited to release our fall schedule for the 2017 season. We are excited to offer, for the very first time, 6-class sessions in Holland! 

Sessions across West Michigan will start in late August.  Below is a list of the courses that will host programs: 

Introductory level courses (PLAYer and Par): 

– Macatawa Legends GC (NEW HOLLAND LOCATION)


– Stormy Creek GC 

– Lincoln CC

– Maple Hill GC

– Indian Trails GC (closed to public)

– University Park GC (Muskegon) 

– Muskegon CC (Par only)

Upper level courses (Birdie and Eagle): 

– Cascade Hills CC

– Kent CC

Unsure what level your child is in? Please contact me and ask! 

We look forward to working with your child this fall! 

Taylor Haudek

Program Director

American Heritage Girls Information/Opportunity

There is a local Jenison group called American Heritage Girls, which is much like Girl Scouts but with a Christian emphasis.  It is open to all girls ages 5-18.

They meet the 1st three Mondays of the month (beginning after Labor Day) from 6:15-8:00pm at Holy Redeemer Church on Baldwin street in Jenison.  (The group is not affiliated with any particular denomination, it just happens to be held in a Catholic church.)

If anyone would like to learn more, we are having an informal meeting on Monday, Aug 21 at Hagar Park from 6-8pm.  Would love to see some new faces!  For more info, please contact

School Calendar for 2017-2018

iCademy Calendar 2017-2018 FINAL

Live Lesson Schedule

2017-2018 Schedule – FINAL

Reminder that live lessons happen each Monday and Wednesday of the school year, beginning August 7th!


Please, if you think you might qualify (you don’t even have to ever use it, just filling out the form for those families that may qualify, helps our school!), please fill out the application at Just a reminder that you must fill out the application each year – even if you qualified last year. Please select Holland Christian for your school district. Make sure to include every household member living with your family (grandparent, uncle, friend…) and be sure to include household income for each – even if it is $0. Questions? Please contact Sue Lambers at

Lunch is $2.60 per student. You can send money with your child in a sealed envelope with his/her name on it (there is a drop box for $$ behind Heidi’s desk) or establish an online account at and make deposits through that website. You will need your child’s student ID. Simply email me to ask and I’m happy to send it your way =).

Having Tech Troubles? 

If you are having issues with your computer and need technical assistance, Mr. Kevin, our offsite tech team lead, has said the smoothest way to get solutions in place would be to call 616-502-2572 or 866-629-8005.