How K-12 Online Learning Can Benefit Your Child

Aug 9, 2018Blog, Impact

online learning benefits michigan

Many people dismiss online learning as a viable option because it’s new and unfamiliar. However, as technology
and online communication improve, parents are encouraged to revisit this opportunity. Online learning offers
several significant advantages over the traditional classroom environment.

#1 Overcoming Geographic Constraints

As things stand, children do not get the same level of education across the United States. Schools are primarily
local institutions, which means students who live in lower income or rural areas may not have the same access to
modern technology, up-to-date textbooks and qualified teachers as those from more affluent and populated

Online schooling has the potential to level the playing field. At iCademy Global, any student from the state of Michigan can enroll in our classes for free and may borrow a computer for their studies. This helps erase geographic educational disparities.

Students in the traditional public school system also don’t have much choice in where they spend their time
learning. Options are usually limited by district lines. An online school allows your student to leave a school they
may be uncomfortable with for an environment that’s better suited to their needs.

#2 Encouraging Participation

Some students are frustrated or overwhelmed by the structure of a traditional classroom. If your child is shy,
introverted or easily distracted, they may benefit from participating in online discussion boards and working in a quiet, comfortable environment instead of a noisy classroom.

#3 Accommodating All Schedules

Students don’t always have the freedom to attend school from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. or 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The flexibility
of online learning can benefit students who:

  • Have chronic health conditions
  • Spend time in the hospital
  • Travel frequently with their family
  • Split time between multiple households
  • Wish to work during the day and study at night
  • Pursue hobbies and sports during the daytime

The traditional model of starting school before 8:30 a.m. can even harm your child by causing sleep deprivation.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 83 percent of middle schools and 93 percent
of high schools in the U.S. started school too early as of 2014.

#4 Providing Individualized Attention

Traditional schools have suffered from unfavorable student-to-teacher ratios recently, especially in Michigan. As
of 2015, the state government reported a ratio of 23:1 for public schools, but this figure does not exactly match
the results of a survey conducted by Michigan Radio, the local NPR news station.

680 teachers responded to the radio poll. They reported an average class size of 27 students, with a range of 10 to
43 students. Sixty-nine percent of respondents also stated that class sizes are increasing.

When hectic classrooms are overloaded with students, it’s virtually impossible for a teacher to provide the
individualized instruction students deserve. Your child is much more likely to receive one-on-one attention and
constructive feedback in a more relaxed, well-paced online environment.

At iCademy Global, we pair each student in grades 6 and above with a mentor in addition to their regular teacher
to ensure their learning needs are being met. We also involve parents in the educational process so they know
their student is hitting major educational milestones.

Explore the Educational Possibilities at iCademy Global

At iCademy Global, we offer a complete online alternative to traditional education as well as single courses that
your child can take to complement their normal classwork. We are currently equipped to serve all K-12 Michigan
students, but we hope to grow our model globally in the future.

If you’d like to enroll your child in iCademy Global, please fill out our online form or call 616-446-1486 for more