Now Enrolling: Blended Elementary

Virtual Flexibility + In-Person Collaboration

For almost 10 years, West Michigan parents have trusted iCademy Global to provide their students with flexible, engaging virtual schooling. We’re excited to announce that we’ve opened enrollment for blended elementary schooling!

2 Days In Classroom, 3 Days Virtual

The blended elementary approach allows families to experience the increased flexibility of virtual school with the added benefits of teacher-student connections through in-person learningStudents will spend two days in-person and three days learning virtually from home.

Tuition-free, High-quality Education

As a tuition-free charter school based in Zeeland, MI, our teachers are held to the same Common Core Standards as traditional public schools. Our elementary school teachers use hands-on experiences to foster curiosity and connection, both virtually and in the classroom.

Learn More About the Blended Program for 2022-2023 School Year

With Blended You Can:

  • Stay involved with their education without a full-time commitment

  • Keep the flexibility of a virtual learning schedule

  • Boost their interpersonal connections with teachers and other students

  • Connect and collaborate with teachers and other parents


Communities and employers need strong leaders. iCademy Global is deliberate in teaching, modeling, and monitoring strategies for growing leadership. Students practice habits that are independent and interdependent in nature. These habits provide the scaffolding for them to be successful in their academics, relationships, and personal growth.



Building community among our K5 students is one of our top priorities. We strive to make this happen through bi-weekly conference calls, on-site experiences, synergy sessions and field experiences.


The K-5 curriculum provides the hands-on components needed to deliver instruction and enhance learning. Our curriculum aligns with state standards and promotes 21st Century skills by nurturing curiosity, wonder and creativity, encouraging self-directed learning, making real-world connections, developing higher-order thinking and using communication skills.

Field Experiences

iCademy students immerse themselves in cultural and global awareness. In K-5, we explore the world by learning about our neighbors,  daily practicing a foreign language and understanding that we are more alike than different.

Role of the Student

  • Devote a minimum of 30 hours per week to coursework.
  • Participate actively in a team with Learning Coach, Teacher, and peers.
  • Submit assessments and projects that reflect his or her own learning.
  • Ask for assistance from the Learning Coach and/or Teacher.
  • Use technology independently to learn.
  • Be ready to learn and put forth their best effort.
  • Self- monitor and self-evaluate.
  • Treat devices and materials with respect.
  • Enjoy the Learning Process!

Role of the Learning Coach

  • Facilitate 4-6 hours per day (on average) of student learning on virtual days.
  • Participate actively in a team with Teacher and Student.
  • Establish a consistent learning routine and environment.
  • Assist in the appropriate pacing of lessons.
  • Monitor student attendance, progress, and mastery of content.
  • Verify that student assignments and assessments reflect the student’s best learning.
  • Maintain awareness of all school-wide and K-5 specific communication .

Role of the Teacher

  • Participate actively in a team with the Learning Coach and Student
  • Support students’ individual growth by differentiating instruction and remediation when necessary
  • Provide one-on-one support and resources to students
  • Monitor weekly attendance, progress, and mastery of content
  • Integrate the IES foundations of global awareness, stewardship, and leadership
  • Assist the Learning Coach with instructional strategies and resources
  • Organize and review data from state, district, and student assessments
  • Report grades which reflect student mastery
  • Offer an optional onsite learning opportunity

Kickoff a New Education Journey

iCademy Global is now enrolling for the 2022-2023 school year.

Reach out through our contact form or give us a call at 616-748-5637 to get started.

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