5 Reasons Why Getting Education Outside the Classroom is a Great Option for Elementary & High School Students (K-12)

May 1, 2019Blog, Impact

Today, many companies have some type of work from home policy. For adults, studies have shown that a few work-from-home days a week can lead to an increase in productivity. Workers at home offices tend to take fewer sick days, take shorter breaks throughout the day, and overall take less time off.

College students have options to work outside the classroom too. In fact, enrollment in online classes for college students has risen in the last few years, with at least 350,000 enrolled in online courses throughout the U.S. That means they can complete their assignments from their kitchen table, the local coffee shop, library, or anywhere else that has Wi-Fi.

But what about the younger students? Can they also benefit from working outside of a standard classroom five days a week? What if they had the same options to work from wherever there is an internet connection?

Several studies published within the last 20 years say yes – and with authority. Here are five reasons why.

1. Personalized Learning

Not every child works at the same pace. An individualized and personal approach to learning lets each child reach their full potential without barriers such as strict schedules, classes that move too fast or too slow, bullying, and overcrowded classrooms.

Most online classrooms, like iCademy Global, have developed curriculum based on these insights from decades of research, creating hands-on and interactive material to keep students interested, engaged, and reaching their full potential.

2. Higher Test Scores

Released in January 2019, a study from the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) found that homeschooled students, on average, score higher on SAT and ACT tests. On average, they score 15 to 30 percentile points higher on other standardized academic achievement tests, and are actively recruited by colleges throughout the U.S.

3. Normal Socialization & Development

Better yet, these students thrive at much more than just academics. The NHERI study shows that home-educated students also score above average in areas of social, emotional, and psychological development. This also includes peer interaction, self-concept, leadership skills, family cohesion, participation in community service, and self-esteem.

Another study found that these students also build stronger relationships with friends and family, show greater empathy, and have a great sense of social responsibility when compared to their public school counterparts.

While it might have been true 50 years ago, the notion or stereotype that home-educated children don’t properly socialize is more fiction than fact, nothing more than a myth.

4. Preparation for College & The Real World

According to a study cited by Business Insider, in 2009 67 percent of home-educated students graduated from college, compared to 59 percent of public school students, 54 percent for Catholic schools, and 51 percent of private school students.

Because home education blends traditional education with new technologies, students often find themselves properly prepared for the real world, especially as the work-from-home trend becomes more mainstream and widely accepted in the U.S.

5. Flexible Schedules

Busy schedules, athletic events and practices, traveling, long commutes, and chronic illnesses are just a few obstacles that students at traditional brick-and-mortar classrooms can face. With home education options, flexible schedules can make all the difference in a child’s education.

About iCademy Global

With an award-winning curriculum, passionate educators, personalized learning experiences, flexible schedules, and the ability to complete assignments from anywhere, iCademy Global student performance falls in line with what other studies have shown. SAT scores for students at iCademy Global are at or above scores posted for area districts. Among virtual schools, iCademy Global SAT scores are number one in the state of Michigan.

iCademy Global students also participate in a number of extracurricular activities and clubs within their local communities and also interact with a worldwide network of friends. Students at iCademy Global have graduated and found success at a variety of colleges and universities; both domestically and internationally.

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