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Our Story

iCademy Global is a tuition free, K-12, virtual school headquartered in West Michigan. At iCademy Global we share a common goal with parents.

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Our vision is simple: Create leaders and innovators through world-class education to the families of Michigan and eventually to developing countries throughout the world.

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At iCademy Global, hundreds of personal success stories from iCademy graduates and parents prove that this form of nontraditional schooling provides a quality education for students of all ages.

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Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.

~ Socrates

There is nothing better

than watching a child learn.

That little light that pops on. That smile. That hint that after some work, your child is starting to understand. Their knowledge increased, their world just opened up… and so did their confidence.

At iCademy Global, Michigan’s most advanced virtual school, the possibilities to unlock your child’s knowledge are endless. We help your student advance at a “just right” pace. This means wherever they are in their learning, we can adapt to meet their needs.

We use a strong academic foundation while giving them the freedom and flexibility to pursue new interests. Our staff are forward- thinking and motivated.They inspire and engage your child along their path and at every level.

Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.

~ Albert Einstein


Stewardship is giving of our gifts and talents to learn and grow from those around us.  We foster hearts of gratitude and the understanding of stewardship as a way of life.

iCademy Global provides opportunities for students to discover their gifts and passions as well as engage in tangible experiences of serving.


It’s a well-rounded and personalized virtual school designed for families who home school and desire to supplement their child’s education. At iCademy Global we partner with families to help students reach their full potential. We know and understand that each child has unique gifts. Our goal is to encourage growth in all areas of their lives to promote balance and confidence. iCademy Global creates opportunities that foster community, healthy living, social awareness, emotional well-being and stewardship values which allow students to be their best selves.

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21f Course Program Information

Students enrolled in a public local district or public school academy in any of grades 6 to 12 are also eligible to enroll in an online course with iCademy.

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Title IX Information:

iCademy Global Coordinator: Tyler Huizenga

Phone: 616.375.4388

To report a complaint, issue, or concern, contact Tyler Huizenga.
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