Virtual Community: Personal Connection

This is what we are all about – building a community of learners that is not bound by walls and doing so in an individualized and intentional way.

Elementary: Explore

Whether it’s the learning, the stories or the hugs shared among classmates, children love the connections and community at iCademy Elementary (K-5).

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Middle School: Experience

The changes in kids grades 6-8 happen fast as they gain more independence, step into a new level of ownership for their studies, and find their passions beginning to emerge.

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High School: Engage

If you have a question, chances are that someone else had that same question, and we already have the answer.

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21f Course Program

Students enrolled in a public local district or public school academy in any of grades 6 to 12 are also eligible to enroll in an online course with iCademy Global.

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Our vision is simple: Create leaders and innovators through world-class education to the families of Michigan – and eventually to developing countries throughout the world.

Our Approach

iCademy Global changes the way the kids learn by empowering parents and students to create a learning environment that best fits their learning style and needs. By harnessing the momentum of empowering families, we work alongside them to address the needs of the whole child – emotional, social, physical and academic.

We think by learning in an innovative, personalized and flexible environment where parents and certified teachers work together to help students succeed both academically and socially, iCademy Global students will become leaders and thinkers who make a global impact.

Why Partner with iCademy?

Our Community Passport Program helps community businesses gain greater recognition, putting them in front of other students and their families.

Reach out to us with any questions or to become a partner.

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