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Innovative Approach

We have our own take on education including multi-age learning,  balanced calendar, classrooms without walls, Spanish Immersion, virtual classrooms, out of the classroom experiences, and daily 2nd language instruction.


Our teachers have a voice in how education is done at Innovation Education Services. From curriculum selection to how we allocate school finances, we involve teachers in all decisions. This creates an environment where teachers are truly enthusiastic to teach.

Just Right Pace

Students in our schools are taught at their just right level. This may mean they spend part of the day in one classroom, and  part of the day in another classroom. This allows our students to  develop skills at their own level .

A Refreshing Education Environment

Innovation Education Services (IES) offers an environment where teachers influence every aspect of our schools from curriculum to finance and everything in between.

iCademy Global (K-12) is one of the charter schools of IES. Along with our sister schools, Precademy (3/4 year old kids) and Innocademy (Young 5s-8th) located in Zeeland and Innocademy Allegan Campus (K-8) located in Fennville. Our staff support each other, provide just the right learning pace for our kids and drive constant improvement in all we do, all while creating a warm and welcoming environment.

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