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Middle School at iCademy Global is an Exciting Time for Students

The changes in kids grades 6th-8th happen fast as they gain more independence, step into a new level of ownership for their studies, and find their passions beginning to emerge.

iCademy Global’s objective during these transitional years is to set kids up for success in their high school career. Our middle school curriculum is delivered through Lincoln Learning, which we believe delivers the best content for core curriculum. Although we use it as our curriculum provider, we do make enhancements in order to provide a customized learning experience for our students.


iCademy Global is passionate about building community.  More than just a virtual community, students can gather in our brick-and-mortar location for assistance with classes and the “after school” activities found in more traditional education environments. 

Field Experiences

iCademy middle schoolers seek to understand and grow the world around them. Field experienes are our vehicle to understanding cultures, having multiple travel opportunities  as well as interact with different cultures in our own communities.

Impact: Field Experiences


Stewardship is giving of our gifts and talents to learn and grow from those around us. Our stewardship opportunities for middle school students empower them to grow their circle of influence, seek opportunities to mentor others, and discover gifts and passion they never knew they had.


At iCademy Global the bar is set high for academic achievement and excellence. In middle school we continue to work in our just right level and have the potential to earn high school credits and continue to inspire independent learners who are ready for high school.


Kickoff a New Education Journey

iCademy Global is now enrolling for the 2024-2025 school year.

Reach out through our contact form or give us a call at 616-748-5637 to get started.

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