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At iCademy Global hundreds of personal success stories from iCademy graduates and parents prove that this form of nontraditional schooling provides a quality education for students of all ages.

At iCademy Global, success can be measured by students’ academic achievement, but that is only part of the story. Online school results are also measured by how students, and their families, thrive in an environment that promotes personal growth and satisfaction.

Making an impact at home and abroad is something that is at the heart of iCademy.

How do we have an impact? It’s simple really. We put our focus on others. iCademy students invest in those around them to learn, to serve and to grow. Whether in academics, field experiences, stewardship or multi-age learning, the power of positive impact is all around iCademy.

Parent Testimonials

Why listen to us? Only a parent knows the difference iCademy Global makes in a child’s life, so we make it easy for you to communicate directly with experienced iCademy parents.

I loved that I was in charge of my child’s learning.

icademy Global is a great school, especially if you want to home school yet still want that “teacher” learning and social time with other students. You’re not on your own. They provide you for FREE – the curriculum, computer, teachers, books, and answer questions you may have.

I loved that I was in charge of my child’s learning and knew exactly what she was learning. The teachers are there for you anytime you need it, and are more than happy to help with anything your student needs help with or questions you may have, which was a huge plus for me.

It may seem confusing at first. Don’t worry, it was for me too, but after a couple days of getting to know the curriculum, you will be a pro and know what to do. Even if you still don’t get it, just ask her learning coach, or teacher, and she will sit down and help you.

It’s very flexible to your schedule too, it’s your time that works for you to do school. We were in Florida for a month but could still do her school because it’s our schedule, and it’s online learning with workbooks too. I highly recommend it to those looking to homeschool yet still want help, flexibility, and social time when they go on campus for a day. Great school.

Parent of a K-5 Student

“The schedule is VERY flexible for those of us who travel a lot.

Excellent choice if you want free, Michigan-accredited, not-for-profit, online learning. I can’t speak to the quality of the Homestead Campus experience or the blended online/campus experience (but I’ve heard good things).

The 100% online experience has been largely exemplary. Like with any secondary educational institution, parents need to be involved to make sure communication is good and progress is satisfactory. We’ve found that our student and we as parents enjoy excellent communication with her teachers and mentor via email and Skype. Our daughter gets personalized, one-on-one, tutoring whenever requested. The schedule is VERY flexible for those of us who travel a lot.

The quirky issues regarding % of progress (caused by K12 materials and mentioned by a previous reviewer) are no longer a problem, because the teachers have instituted a clear pacing-system. All of this plus free use of a laptop and the campus to boot!

Parent of a High Schooler

Great school and staff is the best!

Always looking at ways to improve for our kids. Great combo of online learning and core classes on campus.

Parent of a High Schooler

My son is thriving this year.

My son has struggled with a learning disability for his whole school career. We had him at a charter school, where he struggled with school because his disability was hard for teachers to teach to. After having him struggle and begin to hate school and have fights doing homework every night and reteaching what he was supposed to learn during the day, we had to make a change.

We had researched K12 schools and we found iCademy Global was near us. We really had to research it because it is a huge commitment to the parents as well as the student.  My son is thriving this year. He is learning so much and he is able and willing to discuss his learning. We can relate it to real life, since my husband and I are there helping him to do his work and do his best. He has never had grades like this before.

The teachers and mentor are always available if there are questions and they are really good about getting back to you and answering questions. What worked for us, is working at our own pace, while having due dates. If he is struggling on a topic, I can spend more time to help teach him in a way that he can understand. The teachers are encouraging as well as engaging and knowing the students.

What we really like too is the fact that you can learn at any time of day. If you want to spend the day out enjoying the weather, you can. Just change it to do your work later in the day. As long as it gets done, you are free to work as you please.

We are so glad that we made this decision as a family. There is much more time to enjoy our family time and a lot less of him being upset after school. Best decision we have made.

Parent of a Middle Schooler

“I didn’t know learning could be so fun!”

We switched our daughter to iCademy last semester after she missed several weeks of school due to a chronic health condition. Being able to learn online and not get behind with her schooling, has been a godsend.

For our situation, the traditional school setting wasn’t an ideal fit.  While initially uncertain about this decision, my fears were quickly put to rest. To my surprise, our daughter has become a more effective communicator, more independent, and more joyful about learning.

In fact, shortly after switching to iCademy, she said, “I didn’t know learning could be so fun!”

Parent of a Middle Schooler

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