Jumpstarting Your Child’s Career with Credit-Focused Classes

Feb 1, 2019Blog, Impact

Online schooling provides many benefits for children of all ages, but for high school students preparing to enter the work force or college environment in just a few short years, credit-focused classes can be a great option. Here are just a few of the benefits this class option can offer your child.

4 Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Credit-Focused Classes and Programs

1. It helps your child prepare for the next level.

Credit-focused classes such as dual-enrollment options let your child get a better idea of the workload and demands that come with college classes while they’re still in a comfortable, supportive and familiar environment. Students who wait until they’re actually at college to enroll in classes have to deal with the increased time-management demands and heavier workload all while trying to acclimate to a new place and group of friends — often times far away from home. By enrolling your child in credit-focused classes, they can start to develop the tools and strategies they need to succeed in the college environment while their family, friends, and iCademy teachers are still around to support and encourage them.

2. It allows your child to graduate college faster.

All college programs have a certain number of credits a student must attain before they can graduate. Most institutions also have caps on how many classes a student can take each semester, which means it’s very difficult to accelerate the college graduation timeline. However, dual-enrollment classes are a great solution to this because they allow your child to earn credits that can often be transferred toward the institution of their choice, giving them a head start on their college career. This can add up to a significant time and cost savings depending on when the child starts these classes and how many they take.

3. It lets your child experiment with possible career interests.

Around 33 percent of college students change their major at least once in the first three years of college, and some students change their major several times before finally finding the right fit. This is largely because students feel pressured to already know what they want to do before going into college and may be reluctant to “start over” on a new path. However, taking advantage of credit-focused class options like dual-enrollment can let your child get a taste for whether they really like the work and subject matter associated with their possible career path without the full commitment of declaring a major and enrolling in a college program.

4. It can give your child real-world experience.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 66 percent of recent high school graduates go on to enroll in a 4-year college program. College is certainly a great goal, but it’s not the only path post high school. Many students may be more interested in a trade or skills-based career. If this sounds like your child, there are still lots of great career-focused options available to them through iCademy, including internships and classes through our partnership with Careerline Tech Center.

Internships are especially valuable for students who are hoping to work immediately after high school because it puts them ahead of the applicant pack with real-world job experience. And even if your child does decide to pursue a college degree, already having job-specific experience or classes under their belt can increase their chances of being accepted to a competitive program and boost their confidence in their ability to handle the coursework to come.

If you’re interested in online schooling options and credit-focused classes for your child, contact iCademy today to learn more!