How to Beat ‘Senioritis’ and Get Ahead of the Curve with Online-Based Education

Jun 4, 2019Blog, Impact

Do you know how many students suffer from senioritis in their last year of school? The not-always-fictional ailment includes a common lack of motivation, excessive tardiness, and long periods of time where students just sit and stare at the clock, wasting time, and waiting for school to be over.

Do you want more from your educational experiences than senioritis?

With online education, senioritis is more of a myth, as students have multiple opportunities to use their ‘stare at the clock time’ to get ahead of the curve and learn new skills. With home and online school options becoming more mainstream (there’s now more than 2.3 million home school students in the U.S.), ambitious students can use these resources to their advantage.

If your student wants to graduate early to enroll in college, visit a career training or pursue an exciting career opportunity, online learning environments are a perfect fit. Here are a few benefits of getting ahead with online education, rather than being held back by a traditional school setting.

Getting Ahead With a Flexible Schedule

Many students who participate in a home or online-based education program often have extremely busy schedules with travel, practices and athletic events to attend, career training, volunteer and charity work, just to name a few. With traditional brick-and-mortar schools, these busy schedules can translate into school absences, with lots of homework to make up. It’s easy for these students to feel like they are being held back by not being able to complete their assignments on their own time.

With online education, students have flexible schedules and the ability to complete assignments on their time, from anywhere. This eliminates the need to play catch up, as students can take their classes at the time that works best with their busy schedule – and in a setting that travels with them.

Something as simple as a flexible schedule can make all the difference in a child’s education and their daily lives. In fact, it could be a huge contributing factor to why home-schooled students, on average, score 15 to 30 percentile points above public school students on standardized academic achievement tests such as the SAT and ACT.

Benefits of an Early Graduation
Because of their wide academic achievements and active volunteer work, a growing number of home-schooled students are actively recruited by colleges across the country. That can make the prospect of graduating early that much more enticing to students who are eager to get into the real world.

It takes hard work and dedication, but many online-based students can skip senioritis completely, accelerate their studies and coursework, and graduate early to get a jump start on college classes, where they can thrive in an independent learning environment.

Students who graduate early can also pursue exciting new career opportunities, or take advantage of work and career training. Home-based students can be enrolled in courses at an institution like iCademy Global for coursework during the morning, then they can attend a career training facility in the afternoon to learn the skills necessary for a career in a field like health care, auto body repair, cosmetology, graphic design, the culinary arts, and many more.

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