Community Passport Program

Connecting Our School & Our Community

The Community Passport Program is an excellent, low-risk opportunity for students to pursue new skills they may not otherwise have the time to try. Students choose an activity in Art, Music, or P.E. in their community for course credit combined with online content throughout the semester.


How It Works:

1.  iCademy students needing an art, music or P.E. elective choose an activity that meets the requirements for that elective.


 2.  The student and their parent/guardian find a local (or virtual!) individual, company or organization that can teach a “course” on the subject.

3.  The individual, company or organization partners with iCademy by contacting our Community Passport Coordinator.


4.  The new partner is added to our registry of partnerships (organized by county and elective), allowing them to offer their services to other participating iCademy students.

If you choose an approved partner, or your preferred partner becomes approved, iCademy will pay up to $300 toward the cost of the class/lessons. Any Art, Music, or PE based course taught by someone with expertise in the subject matter is qualified for this program, and any student enrolled as a full-time K-12 student with iCademy Global is eligible to participate in the program.


“I like that I can do my favorite hobby without having to worry about my school work. I can arrange my daily schedule so that I can practice my violin almost any time I want!”

            –Arianna, 8th grade

Available Electives


From digital art to traditional drawing and everything in between, students can complete their art elective by pursuing whatever artistic avenues they may have an interest in.



Is your student interested in learning how to play piano, guitar, cello or another instrument? Are they interested in music production? Wherever their musical interests lie, they can earn school credit!

Physical Education

We want our students to get up and moving, whatever that means for them! From skiing to dancing to taekwondo to equestrianism, students can earn credit for their physical activities.


Be Singular—Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
iCademy Global Robotics Team #5927
Outdoor Discovery Center—Hands-On Nature-Based Learning
Protegé Game Studios—Video Game Design/Development, Animation, ESports Team



Goo Genius
Design Street


Avalon Music & School of Arts
Ada Conservatory of Music
Swank Music Studio
Firehouse Guitars
Sarah Stolzfus Piano
Holland Area Junior Strings
Music Everyday
Zeeland Academy of Music
West MI Homeschool Fine Arts


AJS Farms
Pilates in East & Ada
Rivendell Stables
West MI Fencing Academy
The New Rink
Better Life Unlimited
Championship Martial Arts
Fuzion Systems
Griff’s Ice House West
Kids Unlimited

Lakeshore Taekwondo Academy
New Heights Fitness & Martial Arts
Ohana Dance Company
Scrapyard Climbing Collective
Turning Pointe School of Dance
Venture Action Sports

Program Benefits


Reduces student stress by making sure they don’t need to double-up on classes if they’re already participating in qualifying extracurriculars.

Alleviates financial strain with a program that can help cover the costs of extracurriculars completed for school credit.

Students learn new skills they may not have otherwise pursued, in a low-stress environment with no pressure to continue after the semester is over.

Experience quality in-person time by socializing with other people who have similar interests while they learn.

Earn credit for current hobbies, as long as the teacher or business is willing to partner with iCademy and consider our curriculum.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I sign up?

First, register with your desired partner. Then, let Ms. Jody know. If you don’t do both of these things, we can’t get you in the right course or possibly pay for your elective.


When do I sign up?

Sign-up happens in May and June for the upcoming school year. If you enroll in iCademy Global outside of those times and want to participate in CP, you may join an existing partner. We are happy to work with you to figure out the best option!


What if my partner isn’t listed?

Contact Ms. Jody and she will do her best to create a partnership with them! Then, sign up with your partner.


Who pays for the class?

If you work with an already established partner, iCademy will pay the partner for up to $300 of the cost of lessons. You are responsible for any amount over $300. Fees for registration, supplies, equipment, recitals, or other costs are not covered and are paid by the family directly to the partner. If your partner is NOT on the approved list, we can try to establish a partnership, however, until we have that partnership finalized, you are responsible for all costs associated with the class.


How many CP electives may I take?

iCademy Global will pay for one elective per student per semester—up to $300. You may take additional CP electives if it works with your schedule and you wish to pay for the class out of your own pocket.


What are the Lincoln or FlexPoint course requirements for a CP elective?

  1. Attend your class or lesson with your partner—this counts for a BIG part of your grade.
  2. Record attendance on the attendance log.
  3. Keep track of any practice of skills you do at home on your attendance log. Practice is a big part of learning so be sure to include it, but be honest about how much time you do practice.
  4. Submit your attendance logs on time.
  5. The amount of time you spend in lessons and practicing your skill will determine how much additional coursework you will need to complete in Lincoln or FlexPoint.
  6. Complete and Submit any additional coursework shown in your Lincoln or FlexPoint course tile. All lessons, assess-its, and final projects are due at the end of the semester and can be completed at your own pace. Anything not completed will be marked as a zero.
More Questions? Email jody.voss@icademyglobal.org

Why Partner with iCademy?

Our Community Passport Program helps community businesses gain greater recognition, putting them in front of other students and their families.

Reach out to us with any questions or to become a partner.

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