Community Passport Program

Connecting Our School & Our Community

We launched our Community Passport Program during the 2020-2021 school year as a way for iCademy students to earn credit for electives outside of school. The CPP is an excellent, low-risk opportunity for students to pursue new skills they may not otherwise have the time to try.

How the Program Works:

1.  iCademy students needing an art, music or P.E. elective choose an activity that meets the requirements for that elective.


2.  The student and their parent/guardian find a local (or virtual!) individual, company or organization that can teach a “course” on the subject.

3.  The individual, company or organization partners with iCademy by contacting our Community Passport Coordinator.


4.  The new partner is added to our registry of partnerships (organized by county and elective), allowing them to offer their services to other participating iCademy students.

Available Electives


From digital art to traditional drawing and everything in between, students can complete their art elective by pursuing whatever artistic avenues they may have an interest in.



Is your student interested in learning how to play piano, guitar, cello or another instrument? Are they interested in music production? Wherever their musical interests lie, they can earn school credit!

Physical Education

We want our students to get up and moving, whatever that means for them! From skiing to dancing to taekwondo to equestrianism, students can earn credit for their physical activities.

Program Benefits


Reduces student stress by making sure they don’t need to double-up on classes if they’re already participating in qualifying extracurriculars.

Alleviates financial strain with a program that can help cover the costs of extracurriculars completed for school credit.

Students learn new skills they may not have otherwise pursued, in a low-stress environment with no pressure to continue after the semester is over.

Experience quality in-person time by socializing with other people who have similar interests while they learn.

Earn credit for current hobbies, as long as the teacher or business is willing to partner with iCademy and consider our curriculum.

Why Partner with iCademy?

Our Community Passport Program helps community businesses gain greater recognition, putting them in front of other students and their families.

Reach out to us with any questions or to become a partner.

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