Extracurricular Spotlight – Cooking & Baking Club

Oct 18, 2021Blog, Extracurriculars

Baking Club

Whether you’re already a budding chef or new to the kitchen, the Cooking & Baking club is perfect for all levels of food enthusiasts!

iCademy Cooking & Baking Club

It’s Home Economics meets Great British Bake Off! Just kidding. iCademy’s Cooking & Baking Club is a laid-back and fun virtual club for anyone interested in learning to cook, improving their baking skills, or just taking in the delicious food and virtual scents. Learn how to bake from your own kitchen by joining in on our weekly Cooking & Baking Club virtual cooking lessons Fridays at 10am! Make it, bake it and eat it along with the rest of the class or just listen in and get inspired to bake later.

Make It and Bake It

Our club meetings include easy to follow, step-by-step instructions on how to measure, slice, and mix your way to delicious results. The club is available to all iCademy middle and high school students interested in cooking or baking, regardless of previous experience in the kitchen.

“It’s such a fun group of people, and it doesn’t matter if you cook all the time or have never really cooked before. Everyone just gets to laugh, have a good time, try new things and meet new people.” – Ms. Leisa

Just want to join in, chat, and watch others bake? Or don’t have access to a kitchen during our live meetings? No problem! Students can follow along and listen in on the fun. Or join the club to connect to other students in both middle and high school who share common interests.

Our Favorite Treats

We kick off the club each year by asking our members what they’re interested in baking (and eating!) during the school year. Some of last year’s popular hits were international snack trail mixes, crepes, and nigiri; along with these delicious treats:

Holiday Cookies

Holiday Cookies

Pretzel Bites

Pretzel Bites

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread


To join your classmates in the kitchen, ask your mentor or teacher to send you a link to sign up for the Cooking & Baking Club!