Senior Spotlight- Mia H.

Jan 16, 2023Blog, Newsletter, Spotlights

Mia has attended iCademy since her junior year. Upon graduation, she plans to pursue a PhD in psychology. Mia dreams of being able to support herself as either a behavioral therapist or as a university professor. 

Mia says her favorite memory from attending iCademy is discovering how much empathy her teachers had for students who were struggling. Mia felt supported at iCademy and says, “My experience with the teachers at iCademy has been better than any single experience with a teacher when I went to public school. Every single one of my teachers at iCademy supported me and cheered me on when I was dealing with mental and physical health issues.” 

Mia also notes having enjoyed her seminar breakout rooms where she had time to talk to her peers. She found it rewarding to work with so many kind people. She also found her classes to be valuable and enjoyed Consumer Math, a personal finance class. 

Attending virtual school has given Mia the time she needs to work on her own health, but also the time for her to participate in her community. Mia is a member of several activist groups and takes part in events throughout her community. 

Mia balances her after school activities with her school work. Mia recommends new students stay on top of their work. “It’s so easy to get behind and put assignments off and it’s really hard to catch up if your motivation is low. Set time aside each day to do a little bit of work, even if it’s just one assignment. That way, you won’t ever have to worry about making up late assignments. Also, utilize your time in mentor meetings! If you’re struggling with school issues or personal ones, let someone know,” she says. 

We are so excited for what your future holds, Mia! Thank you for sharing your story with us!