Extracurricular Spotlight: Illustration Club

Feb 7, 2022Blog, Extracurriculars

Student Coloring

Find what inspires you in the Illustration Club. The Illustration club provides an open-ended and safe environment to explore art in all its mediums. Social Studies teacher Joel Siemen leads the club online Thursdays at 2pm. Meetings last between half an hour to an hour.

Drawing to Digital to Everything Two-Dimensional

Whether you’re interested in drawing, painting, or digital sketching, the Illustration Club offers you the freedom to express your creativity. All you need is your favorite art supplies and a space to work. Some students sketch on paper and some use their tablets to create digital art. Other students prefer working with various types of paint. The Illustration Club is an open-ended format designed to inspire students’ creativity.

Anyone Can Be An Artist

Anyone K5 through high school can join the Illustration Club. We have anywhere from 10-15 students online for our meetings. Students learn from one another and share their artwork and creativity with each other. Some students also like to share art-related pieces they’ve found during the week that inspire or interest them.


“Many students think, ‘Oh, I’m not an artist,’ but of course you are! Anyone can be an artist, you just have to find the thing that inspires you.”

Joel Siemen

Social Studies

How It Works: Weekly Challenges and Creative Prompts

Each meeting, students receive a prompt or challenge to complete during the week. In the next meeting, the students share their artistic responses and encourage each other with positive emojis and messages. “It’s a very safe and encouraging environment,” said Joel. “We encourage them to find what they like about their piece and not focus on how artistically-advanced other students may be.”

Challenges and prompts are inventive, creative projects that stretch the students’ and introduce them to new ideas and methods.

Favorite Past Challenges

  • Picasso Continuum: Draw a picture without picking up your pencil or writing device. Once you lift your pencil off the page, you’re done drawing.
  • Three Markers: Draw a scene with only three colors.

    Favorite Past Prompts

    • Draw the cover to the book of your life
    • Guided How-to-Paint with artist Bob Ross
    Yoda Painting
    Painted Portrait
    Anime Sketch


    To join your fellow artists, ask your mentor or teacher to send you a link to sign up for the Illustration Club!