iCademy Student Spotlight: Izzy Nelson

Jul 23, 2021Blog, Spotlights

Isabelle “Izzy” Nelson decided to start at iCademy during the COVID-19 pandemic after her old school switched to online classes. She’d considered switching to a fully-virtual school for a while, but after the shutdown she quickly realized that she needed a more structured schooling system with teachers specifically trained for online learning.

Having just finished her freshman year of high school, Izzy likes that iCademy gives her the opportunity to work at her own pace. On days without mandatory live lessons, she tries to work ahead in her classes to free up her time for other activities. As an introvert, Izzy likes how schooling from home gives her greater control over her social interactions with other students.

One of Izzy’s favorite things about iCademy is that it feels more like a normal school than other virtual schooling options. “This school is made for virtualization, with the teachers being trained for it,” she said. “It’s more professional, and the teachers are very supportive and willing to talk.”