Extracurricular Spotlight: Robotics Team

Aug 1, 2021Blog, Extracurriculars

Interested in getting involved with a team-oriented extracurricular activity? Join iCademy’s Robotics Team where you’ll learn about CAD, engineering design, coding and more from industry professionals while earning course credit.

More than Just Building Robots

While people may perceive robotics as something only super nerdy engineering students do, our team’s about way more than just robots! Students can learn to write grants, get involved with team fundraising, learn about outreach, work with local businesses and professionals, travel with the team around the state, and so much more. Plus, you’ll have a great chance to make friends interested in the same cool stuff as you!

Build & Design Crew

Like getting your hands dirty? Build & Design Crew might be for you! As the most hands-on of our crews, you’ll actually get your hands on our team’s robot, fixing, changing, maneuvering and tweaking it until everything’s just right for competition.

Programming Crew

If you’re interested in the more code-based aspects of creating a robot, you might consider joining our Programming Crew! Learn from industry programming experts about the different coding languages and how coding can be used to make our team’s robot complete all sorts of movements and tasks.

Marketing & Fundraising Crew

Not interested in programming or building bots? Join our Marketing & Fundraising Crew and you’ll learn how to manage and update our team website (www.team5927.com). Plus, this sub-team learns how to start and run our annual GoFundMe campaign, which helps cover the team’s competition participation fees. Interested in social media? Our Marketing Crew gets to run the team’s Facebook and Instagram accounts leading up to and during competitions, sharing team updates and accomplishments.

Scholarship Opportunities

For students interested in going into engineering or programming, many colleges and universities have scholarships exclusively available for FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC®) students. For example, Grand Valley State University offers a renewable $4000 scholarship to FRC® participants!

Interested in Joining?

Every fall we have weekly workshops at the Homestead Campus in Zeeland to train new team members, followed by the Robotics class in the spring where we’ll have 6 weeks to develop, program, build and complete our robot for competition. We highly recommend that interested students visit one of our workshops to see us in action and learn more!