Teacher Feature: Mr. Andy, Science

Jul 26, 2021Blog, Spotlights

Mr. Andy has taught middle school science at iCademy since our very first year as a virtual school 8 years ago! Since he first started teaching at iCademy, he’s worked hard to make consistently good decisions for the growth of our school, our students, our organization and himself as a teacher. We’re heavily teacher-driven, and Mr. Andy believes that that shows through in how teachers work with their students.

What’s your favorite thing about teaching at iCademy?

The personalized nature of student learning! There’s a lot of flexibility for students to learn their own way and work at their own pace. We have programs in place for support, but there’s generally a great sense of community between students, staff and teachers. I love being able to personalize support depending on what each student needs.

What inspires you the most about teaching?

Encouraging students to set and reach their goals. A lot of students want to be ‘change agents’ and have their voice heard. They want to genuinely make changes in the world. I try to show them that they don’t have to fit a perfect mold to make change, and I love helping them make those changes as they grow their voices.

What extracurricular clubs or activities are you involved with at iCademy?

I help run the Wheels Club, which involves meeting up with students interested in anything with wheels at skate parks to hang out and have fun. We have students with skateboards, scooters, bikes, longboards… If it’s got wheels, it’s welcome! I’m not much of a boarder myself, but I’m happy to support any club that gets the kids outside and off their computer for a little while.

What advice would you give to current or future iCademy students?

iCademy, as its core, is about thinking outside the box. When you challenge yourself to follow your own unique path, perseverance is key. Don’t follow what others are doing, just do what you want to do and what works for you. Be independent and self-motivated in your education. There’s a lot of learning and potential with iCademy, but it isn’t without challenges. Challenge yourself to do the hard things, they’re worth it!