Teacher Feature: Ms. Allison, 2nd and 3rd Grade

Apr 11, 2022Blog, Spotlights

Ms. Allison has worked at iCademy for two and a half years. She has five years of experience teaching 3rd grade and several years teaching other elementary levels including 2nd grade.

What drew you to teaching at the elementary level?
I love working with younger learners who are so fun and excited to learn new things. I started at iCademy teaching 4th and 5th graders and then switched to 2nd grade the next year.

How did you start teaching both second and third grades?
Last spring the teachers got together and discussed redesigning. We decided we wanted to switch things up a bit with 2nd and 3rd grades having the same teacher. I was thrilled since these two grades have always been my favorites. I’m teaching the 2nd and 3rd grades in separate virtual classrooms this year.

What’s your favorite thing about teaching at iCademy?
I love how we get to support students in a variety of ways. People can get stuck on the idea that virtual learning is only learning from home. In my experience, our students have been successful learning from anywhere, such as the library. iCademy helps us meet parents and students where they’re at; both physically and academically.

What inspires you the most about teaching?
My inspiration comes from my realization that I never stopped learning or growing as a learner. My students also help me think and make sense of life in new and interesting ways and that’s always inspiring.

Are you involved in any extracurricular clubs or activities at iCademy?
In past years I was part of the animal club. I had a lot of fun taking the students on virtual field trips and safaris to explore animals around the world. This year I’ve met up with some of my students during our lunch hours. We enjoy talking about what foods we’re eating, what new games we’ve been playing and catching up.

What advice would you give your current or future iCademy students?
It’s easy to underestimate the power of a growth mindset. When trying something new, make sure you don’t look at it in black and white. Avoid thinking, “Oh, I can’t do this.” Give it a chance!

What do you do for fun outside of iCademy?
I enjoy being outdoors. If you’re looking for me outside of school I’m likely walking, running or meeting up with people outside in the fresh air. I love meeting friends for dinner and game nights.

What’s one fun fact your students might not know about you?
I did gymnastics for 15 years! I loved learning new skills in the different events and traveling all over the country for meets. My favorite events were vault and beam.