April 11, 2019

Apr 11, 2019Newsletter

Soooo sorry about the delay in publishing the newsletter this week! Good Gracious!

Mark Your Calendars, Please! NEW items in BOLD =)


  • April 30th – 11th Graders MSTEP Testing @ Homestead Campus – 8:30am OR 1pm (ONLY if they did NOT test on April 10th)


  • May 8th & 9th – 1/2 Days for Tulip Time – Break begins at 12:30pm
  • May 15 & 16 – Ms. Michelle’s Students to visit Detroit
  • May 16th – No Onsite Time for 4th/5th Graders ONLY
  • May 21st – May 22nd – Middle School Trip to Chicago – DATE CHANGE
  • May 24th – June 2nd – iCademy Break Week


  • June 3rd – School Resumes
  • June 3rd – iCademy Graduation
  • June 7th, 14th, 21st – Enjoy your Fridays – No School for Students
  • June 20th – All 2nd Semester coursework due at 11:59pm


April Lunch Menu


CONGRATULATIONS to the iCademy Globetrotters Robotics Team! They have secured a spot competing at State Finals at Saginaw Valley State University beginning today, April 12th – April 14th. If you’d like to watch the action, here’s a link to the live stream. Be sure to select DTE Energy Field since that’s the the field where they will be playing. https://www.thebluealliance.com/

4th/5th Grade Students To Visit Detroit!

4th/5th Grade (optional) Field Trip: Ms. Michelle will be taking her students to the Detroit Zoo and a Tigers game on May 15-16. Due to this trip, there will be NO ONSITE TIME FOR 4th and 5th grade ONLY on Thursday, May 16. Thanks in advance!

Fundraising for Travel!

We are excited to offer students an opportunity to raise money to help pay for iCademy field experiences with a BULB SALE! And what a perfect time of the year. Students are able to save this money in their account until they are ready to use it for travel with iCademy. So if you are not going anywhere this year – you can still do it!

Here is how it works:

  1. Students share out the link below to all their family, friends, neighbors and anyone else and it doesn’t matter their location – it can be any state in the US.
  2. Once they have the link they sign up to buy some bulbs – during their sign up as they proceed to check out they put the student’s name down and 50% of what they spend goes directly into that student’s account.
  3. Once all the info is put in the bulbs get mailed directly to them – we have the fundraiser open until May 21st, but if they order before April 15, they get shipped pretty quickly after that day.

HERE IS THE LINK: https://groups.dutchmillbulbs.com/shop/?affiliates=icademyglobal

MSTEP Testing Sign Up – 11th Graders ONLY

For ALL 11th grade students who did not take the MSTEP test, yesterday, PLEASE SIGN UP, BELOW, TO TAKE THE MSTEP on Tuesday, April 30th beginning at 8:30am or 1pm.

11th Grade MSTEP Sign Up for Wednesday afternoon, April 10th

Energizing Our World Camp Info

Old Info…Just in case =)

Observer (Parent) Accounts And Access

Each of you has an observer account so that you can stay connected and informed of your child’s progress with his/her schoolwork. Please take a peek at the short video for more information on how to access. https://youtu.be/qR2F5gYmv60

Don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher/mentor, listed below, with any questions you may ever have.

K/1 – Ms. Deedee – deedee.defrell@icademyglobal.org

2/3 – Ms. Katelyn – katelyn.vandyke@icademyglobal.org

4/5 – Mr. Tyler – tyler.huizenga@icademyglobal.org

6th – Ms. Melinda – melinda.baker@icademyglobal.org

7th – Mr. Andy – andy.meredith@icademyglobal.org

8th – Mr. Ryan – ryan.martinez@icademyglobal.org

9th – Ms. Janece – janece.ellers@icademyglobal.org

10th – Mr. Reid – reid.nicholson@icademyglobal.org

11th – Ms. Amy – amy.baragar@icademyglobal.org

12th – Ms. Kris – kris.kennedy@icademyglobal.org

Learning Environment Expectations

Please take a moment and watch this 7 minute video regarding learning environment expectations.

Family Resource Guide

For all of the information you ever could wish to know about iCademy – – and MORE, please see the Family Resource Guide. #3 iCademy Family Resource Guide 18-19

Calendar for 2018-2019 School Year

Please see the attachment for the 18-19 School Year.

iCademy 18-19 Calendar

Live Lesson Schedule

2018-2019 Schedule

Reminder that live lessons happen each Monday and Wednesday of the school year!!

Having Tech Troubles? 

If you are having issues with your computer and need technical assistance, Mr. Kevin, our offsite tech team lead, has said the smoothest way to get solutions in place would be to call 616-502-2572 or 866-629-8005.  support@vectortechgroup.com