October 29, 2018

Oct 29, 2018Newsletter


Thanks to everyone who was able to make it to the Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser last week!

K-5 Kiddos had a GREAT time visiting Crane’s Apple Orchard for a synergy session last week!

Mark Your Calendars, Please! NEW items in BOLD=)

  • November 7 – 9 – Homestead Campus Marketplace Shopping! 
  • November 19th – 25th – iCademy Break Week – Happy Thanksgiving!
  • November 26th – School Resumes
  • December 21st – 1/2 day for students – Break begins at 12:30pm
  • December 24th – January 6th – Holiday Break Weeks
  • January 7th – School Resumes
  • January 18th – All 1st Semester coursework due at 11:59pm
  • January 21st – Records Day for Teachers – No School for Students
  • February 13th – State of Michigan Count Day
  • February 18th – 24th – iCademy Break Week
  • February 25th – School Resumes
  • March 29th – April 7th – iCademy Spring Break
  • April 8th – School Resumes
  • May 8th & 9th – 1/2 Days for Tulip Time – Break begins at 12:30pm
  • May 24th – June 2nd – iCademy Break Week
  • June 3rd – School Resumes
  • June 7th, 14th, 21st – Enjoy your Fridays – No School for Students
  • June 9th – 15th – iCademy/Innocademy students visit Washington D.C.
  • MiJune 20th – All 2nd Semester coursework due at 11:59pm

NEW Info For This Week!

November Lunch Menu

INNO Homestead NOV 2018

Student Led Conference Survey Reminder

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to complete the survey regarding Student Led Conferences, please do so, asap.


Marketplace Happening Next Week!

Hard to believe, but it’s that time of year, again….MARKETPLACE!
If you are new to iCademy, Marketplace is a huge fundraiser for kiddos in grades 3rd – 12th hoping to raise money for field experiences. Students work to create home made items – – or sell gently used items from their houses.
The Marketplace event happens at Homestead Campus on November 7th – 9th and is open for browsing and purchasing to all Homestead Campus families as well as the community.
Wednesday, November 7th – Open from 10am – 4pm
Thursday, November 8th – Open from 8am – 8:30pm
Friday, November 9th – Frugal Friday – everything remaining is 50% off! 8am – 1pm

Please Check Your Kiddos…

We have had a report of head lice at iCademy. Please take a moment to check your student(s) for lice and/or nits. You can find some great information on identification and clean up, here:

Lice Myths and Facts

Cleaning home of lice

Ms. Kris’ Corner

Are you interested in getting better grades? Gachnoimagazine.org lists the number one most important technique to getting better grades is to do all of your reading, writing, and studying at a table, sitting upright in a chair. They continue to add you should also have good lighting, fresh air, and fluids nearby. Following this technique can be worth double the amount of actual time you are spending. This means you will have more time for the fun things.

Tip: When doing live lessons or assignments, make sure you are sitting up in a chair (avoid being in your bed or lying on the floor). When you lay down to do your work, it is likely you will get sleepy and your mind will drift out of focus. 

Old Info…Just in case =)

October Lunch Menu

Inno Homestead October 2018

Stewardship Opportunity – Aid For The Carolinas

As you all know, Hurricane Florence is hitting the Carolinas hard. At iCademy Global, stewardship (thinking outside of ourselves) is a foundation of ours. Not only do we intentionally learn this but we want to also intentionally LIVE this. Attached you will see a few images of ways that we can help. Partnering with International Aid and The Tin Roof Market- we would like to provide you and your family a stewardship opportunity to donate items for International Aid to send to the Carolinas. The Tin Roof Market of Holland is an official drop off for these items and we will be collecting items at Homestead starting Tuesday the 18th and delivering them to The Tin Roof on a weekly basis. Any donation helps! For more information, send Ms. Mel a zoom!

Observer (Parent) Accounts And Access

Each of you has an observer account so that you can stay connected and informed of your child’s progress with his/her schoolwork. Please take a peek at the short video for more information on how to access. https://youtu.be/qR2F5gYmv60

Don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher/mentor, listed below, with any questions you may ever have.

K/1 – Ms. Deedee – deedee.defrell@icademyglobal.org

2/3 – Ms. Katelyn – katelyn.vandyke@icademyglobal.org

4/5 – Mr. Brett – brett.heppler@icademyglobal.org

6th – Ms. Mellissa – mellissa.zoerhof@icademyglobal.org

7th – Mr. Andy – andy.merideth@icademyglobal.org

8th – Mr. Ryan – ryan.martinez@icademyglobal.org

9th – Ms. Janece – janece.ellers@icademyglobal.org

10th – Mr. Reid – reid.nicholson@icademyglobal.org

11th – Ms. Amy – amy.baragar@icademyglobal.org

12th – Ms. Kris – kris.kennedy@icademyglobal.org

Learning Environment Expectations

Please take a moment and watch this 7 minute video from Ms. Mellissa regarding learning environment expectations.


Family Resource Guide

For all of the information you ever could wish to know about iCademy – – and MORE, please see the Family Resource Guide.  iCademy Family Resource Guide 18-19

Calendar for 2018-2019 School Year

Please see the attachment for the 18-19 School Year.

iCademy 18-19 Calendar

Live Lesson Schedule

2018-2019 Schedule

Reminder that live lessons happen each Monday and Wednesday of the school year!!

Having Tech Troubles? 

If you are having issues with your computer and need technical assistance, Mr. Kevin, our offsite tech team lead, has said the smoothest way to get solutions in place would be to call 616-502-2572 or 866-629-8005.  support@vectortechgroup.com