Senior Spotlight – Emma V.

Jun 2, 2023Newsletter

Emma attended iCademy her entire high school career. Inspired by her certified nursing assistant (CNA) course at the careerline tech center, Emma plans to pursue a degree in nursing after graduation. She dreams of travel nursing, which would allow her to explore the United States and potentially beyond.

Exploring Career Paths Early

Emma credits iCademy for giving her the experience needed to pursue this career path. “iCademy has given me an opportunity to take my learning into my own hands. I’ve learned to keep myself accountable with the time management skills I learned at iCademy,” Emma said.

The flexibility in her schedule has also given Emma the space to pursue her different interest areas. “Having the freedom to set my own schedule gave me the time to attend the tech center and dance classes while getting my school work done,” Emma said. 

The Steps to Success

When asked what advice she would give to students considering iCademy, Emma had several excellent suggestions. “Go to RE:FUEL and other in-person events to make friends and form a group,” Emma suggests. She was able to meet her current group of friends this way. 

“Set a schedule and stick to it. I had a learning coach to keep me accountable at first until I formed a routine, and it really helped me to succeed at virtual school,” Emma said. Learning coaches at iCademy are incredibly important at all ages. For high schoolers, they’re there to ensure students stick to the schedules they set for themselves and to encourage independence.

Finally, Emma encourages students to reach out to teachers if they need help or just want to talk. “All of my teachers have been amazing and willing to help,” Emma said.

Congratulations on your graduation, Emma! We look forward to seeing you travel the world as a nurse.