Senior Spotlight- Hannah B.

Feb 22, 2023Blog, Newsletter, Spotlights

Hannah has attended iCademy since her junior year of high school. After graduating, she plans to attend college and get a degree in psychology. Hannah says that iCademy has helped her bridge the gap between high school and college, making it feel accessible to her. Dual enrolling in both college and high school courses is one of the ways Hannah is preparing herself for her future and is an accomplishment she is proud of. 

Hannah recommends iCademy to any student who wants more flexibility in their schedule. She has found it is especially helpful for both herself and other students who work year-round. Hannah says that it’s rewarding knowing she is capable of keeping herself accountable without a strict schedule. This helps her feel comfortable claiming more independence in other parts of her life. 

When asked about her favorite part of attending iCademy, Hannah talked about spending time with her peers during her junior year seminar. This class helped her learn about herself and the world around her. “I know more about who I want to become,” she says.

We can’t wait to see how you continue to grow, Hannah!