Parent Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it. Hear from real current and past iCademy parents!

Meeting You Where You Are

Students come to us for a variety of reasons. Maybe they struggled to keep up at brick-and-mortar schools, or maybe the school couldn’t keep up with them! Maybe they faced bullying and peer-pressure, or they had some other negative experience. Maybe homeschool just wasn’t a good fit.

Regardless of where you and your student are, we’ll meet you there.

Since we opened in 2013, we’ve provided excellent, flexible education that makes students feel seen, heard, and cared for. But don’t just take our word for it: hear directly from real parents of current and past iCademy Global students! 

Real Experiences of iCademy Parents

Despite children often coming to our school under different circumstances, all of these parents’ students found success at our school.

Check out their testimonials on why they and their students love iCademy so much:

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A Holistic Approach to Education

You want what’s best for your child, and so do we. We know that academics are only one piece of the puzzle, and that kind, globally-minded adults start with developing well-rounded children, pre-teens, and teenagers.


Learning how to handle strong emotions and stress is vital to a successful, happy, healthy life. We offer specialized support for students that need help managing their emotions.


We educate online, but we know the importance of moving, grooving, and getting outside! We set aside time every day, regardless of grade level, for students to focus on their physical health.


We’ve had students call iCademy the “no bully school.” We strive hard to connect our school community, both online and in-person, with events, clubs, and exciting extracurricular activities.


Since we opened in 2013 our teachers been specially trained to provide the best education through teaching online. They’re always ready and eager to help you and your student be successful.

Kickoff a New Education Journey

iCademy Global is now enrolling for the 2024 school year.

Reach out through our contact form or give us a call at 616-748-5637 to get started.

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